[07:03:13.05] Soldiers move up a trail in the bush, soldiers move through the jungle

Project Name: Vietnam War Stories Tape/File # WCNAM A30 Battle of Dak To, TET PT 1 Transcription Date: Transcriber Name: Jason Butler Keywords: Chapli...
Author: Pamela Long
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Project Name: Vietnam War Stories Tape/File # WCNAM A30 Battle of Dak To, TET PT 1 Transcription Date: Transcriber Name: Jason Butler Keywords: Chaplin, field worship services, Hill 875, Dak To, charred body, injured soldier, KIA, body bag, many body bags, mixing napalm, Huey, digging foxhole, mortar, newsreel, black and white, Tet Offensive, ARVN soldiers, Saigon burns, Vietnamese civilians flee, Vietnamese red cross ambulance, burning radio station, Vietnamese firefighters, dead Vietnamese, many dead Vietnamese, aerial of Saigon, [07:00:45.25] Slate. Chaplin John Torp holds service as part of assault on Hill 875, soldiers read bible, chaplain gives communion wafers and wine to soldiers [07:03:13.05] Soldiers move up a trail in the bush, soldiers move through the jungle [07:04:19.11] Soldiers squat down and take cover, soldiers advance under cover, soldier speaks on portable radio [07:04:42.24] Flamethrower equipped soldier advances, soldier talks on portable radio [07:05:18.04] Charred body of KIA soldier/enemy, soldiers under cover [07:05:50.03] Soldier hauls folded stretchers to injured, soldiers treat injured soldier, soldiers carry injured soldier on stretcher [07:06:16.14] Soldier walks through brush and trips [07:06:32.16] Soldiers move injured/KIA soldier down hill, *soldier scrambles to put on helmet, runs with medical kit*, soldiers move through the bush [07:07:39.25] Soldiers in the bush a fire burns nearby, soldier shouts to others - can opener in his helmet, soldiers walk through bush [07:08:18.17] Soldier sits by yellow smoke, soldiers wait for chopper with body bags nearby [07:08:50.15]

Huey hovers, soldier climbs onto Huey, *soldiers struggle to lift KIA soldier body bag onto Huey* [07:09:59.14] Soldiers sift through supplies and rucksacks (of KIA soldiers?), soldier pulls ammo out of a rucksack [07:10:43.11] Soldier speaks to another soldier, a pile of body bags [07:11:16.06] Soldier stirs napalm in drum with a stick, mixing napalm [07:12:22.18] Soldiers in camp dig trench and pass dirt in helmet [07:12:56.18] Soldier with toothbrush in helmet band, soldier digs fox hole, Huey lifts off from the jungle, soldiers sift through rucksacks [07:13:45.03] Huey comes in and hovers, soldier jumps out of Huey [07:14:37.22] Soldiers sort equipment of KIAs [07:14:59.21] Soldiers drink coffee in the bush [07:15:50.22] Soldiers in camp, soldiers sort equipment [07:16:31.03] Soldier on machine gun talks with second soldier [07:16:45.06] Soldiers move down a hill, soldier stands with M16 [07:17:10.08] Soldiers stand near KIA soldiers, [07:17:27.29] Soldiers in the bush [07:17:57.15] Soldier digs foxhole, soldier pulls ammo out of hole

[07:18:39.09] Slate. Soldiers at the top of a hill [07:18:59.26] Injured soldier lies on a stretcher, injured soldier smokes on stretcher, *CU on injured soldier* [07:19:44.03] Soldiers fire mortar [07:20:52.01] Soldiers line up, Soldiers load injured onto Huey, ??? [07:21:23.16] *Injured soldier walks through the bush*, CU on soldier shouting, soldiers throw equipment [07:21:59.00] Soldiers help injured soldier walk through bush, soldiers pass stretcher along [07:22:44.02] Soldier on M60 in the bush, soldier digs fox hole [07:23:23.14] Soldiers walk stretcher into the bush, soldiers carry injured soldier on stretcher - head wrapped in bloody bandages [07:23:59.27] Soldier squats in the bush, two soldiers on portable radios, footage [07:24:36.26] Begin newsreel footage - black and white, soldiers march through bush, enemy equipment displayed [07:25:30.19] Titles - Saigon Target Zero [07:26:17.13] Vietnamese shot film about Tet Offensive. Saigon street scenes, Vietnamese people make preparations for their New Year celebrations, temple, incense, Vietnamese praying, fire works [07:27:01.11] Explosions, soldiers fight and run.

[07:27:23.18] Smoke rises from Saigon, buildings burn, Vietnamese civilians escape on the streets, soldiers climb up a building [07:28:01.02] Tanks in the streets, soldiers move through the streets, ARVN soldier on portable radio, ARVNs fight in the streets [07:28:59.23] ARVN fires grenade launcher, ARVNs take prisoners, tanks and troop carriers roll by [07:29:49.14] Radio station burns, fire crew sprays water onto burning radio station [07:30:13.24] Dead Vietnamese on the ground, enemy weapons in a pile [07:30:37.09] ARVN shouts at prisoner, prisoners lined up, ARVNs line up enemy weapons [07:31:20.29] ARVNs drive away in a jeep, ARVNs with bullhorn outside building, building burns [07:31:40.09] Man runs down the street, people run to escape, woman with children are escorted by soldiers [07:32:17.11] Soldiers carry injured on stretcher, Vietnamese escape [07:32:24.16] Vietnamese Red Cross ambulance, ARVN with bull horn, fire truck, firefighters spray water, firemen throw water [07:33:16.14] ARVN with bullhorn, Huey hovers over street, ARVN talks into loudspeaker [07:33:42.14] ARVNs take prisoners [07:34:03.22] ARVNs drive jeep, display enemy mortar, dead Vietnamese, old man looks at map [07:34:38.21] Saigon burns, people flee

[07:35:01.01] Soldiers advance to barricade, soldiers move down street, ARVNs fight in Saigon [07:35:54.23] ARVN throws grenade, ARVNs fire M16s, M60, "bazooka", dead Vietnamese [07:36:25.24] Dead Vietnamese in trench, more dead Vietnamese, dead Vietnamese in water [07:36:54.08] Vietnamese nurses and doctors treat injured soldiers, injured soldier smokes [07:37:22.25] ARVN medic treats wounded, doctors and medics load wounded enemy into Red Cross jeep, [07:38:09.21] Enemy soldiers sit in a line, captured enemy weapons on display [07:38:47.28] Soldier stands by ruined neighborhood, the devastated neighborhood, Vietnamese sort through wreckage [07:39:29.14] Aerial footage of post-Tet Saigon, refugees gathered, children, baby sucking bottle [07:40:04.08] ARVNs help refugees off trucks, ARVNs unload supplies off truck, refugees walk through streets [07:40:55.28] ARVNs give out food, doctors give check ups to refugees, trucks move supplies into the city, ARVNs give out water, refugees cook and eat, children dance [07:42:28.27] Bulldozer picks up debris and garbage, dump trucks haul away debris [07:43:06.15] Saigon traffic, downtown Saigon roundabout, aerial of Saigon