- Richard Levy. Jerry Alexander Joshua Katri Fortunee Katri. Remembered by. Al & Norma Alexander. Jake Abbit Rebecca Abbit Harry Abbit

It is hard to sing of oneness when the world is not complete, when those who once brought wholeness to our life have gone, and naught but memory can f...
Author: Sibyl Baldwin
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It is hard to sing of oneness when the world is not complete, when those who once brought wholeness to our life have gone, and naught but memory can fill the emptiness their passing leaves behind. But memory can tell us only what we were, in company with those we loved; it cannot help us find what each of us, alone, must now become. Yet no one is really alone: those who live no more, echo still within our thoughts and words, and what they did is part of what we have become.

In Remembrance of Our Loved Ones

A In Loving Memory of Jake Abbit Rebecca Abbit Harry Abbit Lil Abbit Minnie Hershfield Noah Hershfield Jerry Hershfield Jack Gurevich Charles Goodstein Rachel Goodstein Edith Goodstein Mariam Vego Remembered by Ernie Abbit & Nadine Lange Abbit

We do best homage to our dead when we live our lives more fully, even in the shadow of our loss. For each of our lives is worth the life of the whole world; in each one is the breath of the Ultimate One. In affirming the One, we affirm the worth of each one whose life, now ended, brought us closer to the Source of life, in whose unity no one is alone and every life finds purpose.

In Loving Memory of Daniel Adelson

- Richard Levy

Remembered by The Adelson-Rodriguez Family

In Loving Memory of Saima Zbikowski Wassey Zbikowski Esther Abelon Harry Abelon Louise Abelon Michael Abelon Remembered by Nancy & Dean Abelon

In Loving Memory of Benjamin Alexander Esther Alexander Sid Alexander


Jerry Alexander Joshua Katri Fortunee Katri Remembered by Al & Norma Alexander In Loving Memory of Marvin Alper David Adam Alper Gertrude Pearlstein Louis Pearlstein Joseph Alper Ethel Alper Shlomo & Minnie Leichman Rebecca & Aaron Pearlstein Mary Alper Sharon Marie Alper Remembered by Janice Alper In Loving Memory of Sylvia Arm Sigmund Arm Remembered by Allan Arm Joan Skroneck & Family

B In Loving Memory of Lee Bartell Ina Bartell Dorothea Garfield David Garfield Joseph Slate Rachel Garfield Marion Slate

Issac Garfield Mollie Slate Leo Garfield Alecia Jacobs Remembered by Melissa, Michael, Jo & Ross Bartell In Loving Memory of Jane Klein Arthur A. Klein Manuel Barth Rosabelle Oksner Dr. Lionel Oksner Dr. Harry Oksner Ron Sacks Remembered by Nona Barth and Nan and Alan Barth In Loving Memory of Cecyle Beitscher Robert Beitscher Darryl Sarfan Gertrude Sarfan Beno Hirschbein Hadassah Hirschbein Remembered by Kathy Beitscher & Isaac Hirschbein In Loving Memory of Max Olivares Celia Olivares Remembered by Jan & Alma Bejar In Loving Memory of Teny Kare Nathen Kare Ruth Leibovitz Zoe Sweetman Anna Lazareck Odeh Kowalson Alvin Klady

Bessie Pressmen Annie Kowalson Marti Norman Rachael Bowers Raymond Bendett Tillie Bendett Remembered by Alfred & Phyllis Bendett In Loving Memory of Anne Buccigross Peter Buccigross Remembered by Dr. Jo-Anne Berelowitz & Dr. Richard L. Buccigross In Loving Memory of Irving Berent, M.D. Craig Berent Rachel Berent Dorothy Grob Rabbi Paul Grob Carol Zisman Remembered by Erica & Michael Berent,M.D. In Loving Memory of Fanny Mroz Addelson Louis Addleson Bessie Rosenberg Breitbard Morris Breitbard Fanya Rudnick Carter Mark Carter Abraham Berg Pauline Eisler Berg William Breitbard Sadie Addleson Breitbard Gabriel F. Berg Marie Carter Berg Horowitz Sophie Berg Robert Breitbard Denise Breitbard Sylvia Breitbard Bard Norman Ray Bard Shura Carter Kompaniez

Norman Carter Kompaniez Victor M. Carter Joseph Horowitz Remembered by Joan & Jeremy Berg In Loving Memory of Albert B. Berkowitz,MD Nell Myers Berkowitz Myles Myer Berkowitz,MD Miriam Berk Remembered by Betty Berg-Miller In Loving Memory of Phyllis E. McCall W.C. McCall, M.D. Remembered by Candace & Chase Berkman In Loving Memory of Dr. Ronald Hecker Sandra Bernstein Sylvia Hecker Samuel Recht Hyman Hecker Anna Recht Irving Recht Jeffrey Chapman Randy Recht Lillian Chapman Remembered by Beverly & Leonard Bernstein In Loving Memory of Joseph Bernstein Adele Belson Erdman Norma Honick Esther Bernstein Harry Belson Remembered by Rabbi/Cantor Bernstein & Mae Bernstein


In Loving Memory of Debra Berton Mary Berton Irwin Berton Victor Schulman Helen Schulman Remembered by Robert Berton In Loving Memory of Judith Ben Kiki Bianchini Henry Bianchini Remembered by Judge Vic Bianchini In Loving Memory of Myra Belford Jackson Belford Remembered by Daughter Jeri Biehler & Grandson Jacob In Loving Memory of Joseph Bronstein Rose Bronstein Arthur Wright Remembered by Terri & Leah Bignell In Loving Memory of Evelyn Ethel Binder Edward Issak Binder Dorothy Lampert Louis Lampert Anna Binder Leon Ainbinder Remembered by Miss Lynne Barbara Binder In Loving Memory of Joel Nagorner Joe Nagorner

Adeline Gendler Shirley Nagorner Lee Greenberg Stanley Birnbaum Remembered by Cassi, Dean, Eric & Elyse In Loving Memory of Bella Gordon Charles Gordon Irving Gordon Meyer Block Katie Block Sol Lipsky Remembered by Hal & Rita Block In Loving Memory of Arthur M. Bloom Alan Geist Barry L. Ackerman Maurice M. Ackerman Joe Brewster Toby Bloom Brewster Marla Bennett Florence E. Ackerman Remembered by Barbara Bloom Family In Loving Memory of Hazel Blumberg William T. Blumberg Emanuel Yavner Celia Yavner Helen Leah Rabb Remembered by Joyce & Robert Blumberg In Loving Memory of Ben Borevitz Shayna Borevitz Cele Borevitz

Victor Borevitz Gita Ponve Anatole Ponve Remembered by Irene Borevitz In Loving Memory of Rose B. Saperstein, M.D. Remembered by Judith Braun and family Harry Saperstein and family In Loving Memory of Sam Korhan Molly Korhan Hyman Bretow Lillie Bretow Harry Harnick Remembered by David & Thelma Bretow In Loving Memory of Karol Brill Isak M. Brill Nacha A. Brill Ciwja Brill Sara Brill Perla Brill Rywka Brill Symcha M. Brill Estela Modiano de Azicri Salvador Joshua Azicri Rebeca Sherr Ida Benadon Remembered by Margarita Brill & Family In Loving Memory of Erika Gans Arturo Bronstein Walter Gans Remembered by Julie & George Bronstein Eva Bronstein

In Loving Memory of Lucille Brotman Leona Brotman Morley Brotman Remembered by Howard Brotman In Loving Memory of Wendy Hope Bunten Remembered by Jean & Ted Bunten In Loving Memory of Kenneth Butler Alexander August Lillian Lewis August Remembered by Carol August Butler

C In Loving Memory of Gaston Cabou Rachel Cabou Jerome H. Lorber Remembered by Julie & Chris Cabou In Loving Memory of Henry Richmond David Richmond Renee Richmond Ben & Bernice Carnot Sam & Henrietta Sussman Herman & Shirley Emelock Remembered by Pamela & Edward Carnot & Family


In Loving Memory of Moe Gross Clare Gross Belle Ruback Danny Dannenberg Ethel Carr Remembered by Jim & Jacqui Carr & Family In Loving Memory of Arthur Chasin Remembered by Rachel Chasin Michael & Stacey Chasin In Loving Memory of Adolfo Di Capua Stephanie Christy Remembered by Silvana & Richard Christy In Loving Memory of Jean Clamage Irving Clamage Abraham Cohen Esther Cohen Helene Malkin Ruth Ellen Anker Remembered by Barbara & Rick Cohen Family In Loving Memory of Ryan Hitchcock Honey Kroch Frank Cohen, M.D Dorothy A. Cohen Avalee D. Nicholls Benjamin Frank Nicholls Frank Soll Rivie Soll

Paul E. Bell Ernest Palacio Jon Leifer Megan Marciano Caroline Krone Remembered by Howard & Avalee Cohen, Tom Fisher, Alicia Cohen, Pascale & Harold Fisher-Cohen, Jessica Cohen Justin, Colton & Delaney Earp In Loving Memory of Josepha Cohen Solomon Cohen Inez Marcus Remembered by Ross Cohen & Valerie Leman In Loving Memory of Mauricio Cohen Daisy Cohen Santiago Cohen Esther Jinich Abraham Marcovsky Ana Macovsky Pablo Jinich Cila Jinich Simon Jinich Mario Birman Arie Cohen Rosa Sterenfeld Carlos Sterenfeld Claudio Kanner Sami Cohen Mauricio Cohen Remembered by The Cohen, Corrigan & Albrecht Families

In Loving Memory of Dottie Coleman Lewis Coleman Carol Cowan Leonard Cowan Remembered by The Coleman Family In Loving Memory of Jules & Florence Bloom Ruben & Leah Bloom Pauline & Jack Brill Suzanne Reading Sammy Cook Diane Lin Millie & Irving Shuman Gordon Willis Remembered by The Cook Family

D In Loving Memory of Roslyn Goodwin Elizabeth Goodwin Irwin Goodwin Remembered by Valerie Danzig In Loving Memory of Claire Rose Levy Kattenburg Willem S. Kattenburg Marcus Weiner Remembered by Clive David In Loving Memory of Homer T. Delawie Nollie Mallinger Nathan Mallinger

B. James Mallinger Ermiene Mallinger Ira Schachter Remembered by Ethel Ann Delawie In Loving Memory of Paula Fidler David Fidler Louis Fidler Victor Druskin Remembered by Shelley Druskin In Loving Memory of Irving “Duke” Ducoffe Louis A. Ducoffe Zella Ducoffe Minnie Fein Phillip Fein Max “Mike” Lustig Hilda Lustig Scott Ducoffe Remembered by Phillip, Laura, Brian & Jason Ducoffe In Loving Memory of Lena Addleson Bessie Marcovic Harry Marcovic Rosalie Zola Geraldine Zola Harry Addleson Priva Dunst Marcus Dunst Bella Ullman Annett Ullman Ruzena Adler David Adler Magda Dunst Remembered by Lou & Estelle Addleson-Dunst


E In Loving Memory of Aaron Easton Sarah Easton Walter Rowland Ivyl Rowland Remembered by Jeff R. Easton In Loving Memory of Ruth Epstein Michael Epstein Edward Fenton Frances Fenton Jack Gard Remembered by Dan & Phyllis Epstein In Loving Memory of Martha Evans Morton Irving Evans Stewart William Evans Lucille Claire Evans Caroline Cowan Potter Hanna Taylor Geldon Arthur Merril Gelden Remembered by Ron, Ellen, & Lena Evans

F In Loving Memory of Arnold Farber Richard Farber Remembered by Henrietta Farber

In Loving Memory of Herman Feier Sidonie Feier Abraham Haberman Anne Haberman Remembered By Esther & Robert Feier

In Loving Memory of Ruth Feuerstein Elizabeth Reinhard Isidor Reinhard Anna Feuerstein Victor Feuerstein Oscar Sokol Esther Starr

In Loving Memory of Alice Cohn

Remembered by Elliot & Diane Feuerstein and Family

Remembered by Michael Feinman & Jessica Cohn Feinman In Loving Memory of Karola Koppel Loeb Joseph Loeb Edna Feinstein Joseph Feinstein Carol Busch Remembered by Jean Feinstein In Loving Memory of Frank Winicki Goldie Winicki Edward Goldberg Jean Goldberg Blossom Rosenbloom Sidney Winicki Ethel Feldman Louis Feldman Sophie Low-Zimmer Bernard Low-Zimmer Frieda Doktor Jerry Greenstein Joel Nagorner Elaine Rosen Margaret Fischbein Remembered by Suzi & Bernie Feldman and Family

In Loving Memory of Gary Fine Fae & Jack Fine Pat & Goldie Zike Marion “Pete” Peters Remembered by Terri Zike Fine & Family In Loving Memory of Lillian Charman Herman L. Fingerman Sarah W. Slotkin Nathan Slotkin Louis Fingerman Sadie Fingerman Peter David Fingerman Julia E. Fingerman Remembered by Bernice Fingerman In Loving Memory of William Finkelstein Frances Harris Finkelstein Sam Finkelstein Minnie L. Finkelstein David Harris Mary Rubenstein Harris Sidney Brown Dorothy Brown Remembered by David M. Finkelstein

In Loving Memory of Arnold (Bud) Fischer Aaron Wechter William Feinberg Elene Solomon Samuel Fischer Diana Fischer Leo Tannenbaum Lottie Tannenbaum Frieda Rubenfeld Sally Brotman Remembered by Esther Fischer & Family In Loving Memory of Max Rowelsky Minna Rowelsky Hans Rowelsky Ann Guttman A.Jack Fischer Sam Fischer Inge Dor Aron Jacob Fischer Remembered by Sigrid Fischer & Family Geffen, Hickman & Morris Families In Loving Memory of Stanley Foster Anne Ratner Sandford Ratner Abraham Ratner David Finkelstein Sadie Finkelstein Remembered by Pauline Foster In Loving Memory of Reuben Fleischman Sadie Fleischman Sid Fleischman Charlotte Fox


Laurie Fox Ray Fox Jerome P. Freedman Pearl Freedman Charlotte Haimsohn Herbert Haimsohn Remembered by Carol and Ron Fox In Loving Memory of Jack Friedman Anita Friedman Remembered by Gaye & Ron Friedman In Loving Memory of Donald Frischer Leo Frischer Sarah Frischer Sylvia Arent Maurice Arent Jacob Arent Joel Frischer Anna Frischer Ethel Drell Anna Hershenson Carol Brown Engar Remembered by Debra Frischer & Harrrison and Shani Langford In Loving Memory of Pearl B. Yoffee Morton H. Yoffee Dr. Jerald A. Furer Samuel H. Furer Remembered by Joanne Y. Furer, Ken & Becca Furer, Alyson & Jason Kaldis and Family

G In Loving Memory of Murray Galinson Elene Solomon Remembered by Elaine Galinson In Loving Memory of Michael Max & Beatrice Galper Anna & Louis Kaplan Lorraine & Herbert Kaplan Teddy & Tamar Kollek Charles Bendheim Bessi & Jacob Sacks Victor & Ruth Schulman William & Gertrude Silverman Judy Silverman Lou & Cecila Kipperman Joe & Dorothy Goldberg Toni, Lee & Joli Leichtag Edith Taylor Elaine Lipinsky Norton Cooper David Buddy Kitaen Remembered by Helena Galper, Louis Galper & Jeffrey Galper In Loving Memory of Rudolph Gans Arnold Gale Clara Majtlis Alex Majtlis Bernard Wolf Remembered by Robert & Donna Gans In Loving Memory of Pauline Garblik Augusta Garblik

Samuel Garblik Jean Berman Remembered by Alfred Garblik In Loving Memory of Dora Gass Jacob Gass Judith Gass Nathan Gass Sophie Gass Cecilia Koppel Mendel Koppel Hannah Loeb Joseph Loeb Karola Koppel Loeb Ludwig Loeb Jerry Simon Emmie Vida Gussie Waldman Harry Waldman Milton Waldman, M.D. Remembered by Joan & Arnold Gass In Loving Memory of Harold Geller Shirley Geller Herman Levenson Sylvia Levenson Remembered by Sue, Jackie and Shelby Geller In Loving Memory of Lloyd M. Gerber Ernest A. Polin Esther S. Polin Celia Speert Louis “Buddy” Marcus Remembered by Deborah & A. Marcus Gerber & Family

In Loving Memory of Philip R. Gerson Jack Neben Yetta Neben Max Brody Remembered By Marla & Gordon Gerson And Family In Loving Memory of Stephen A. Gettinger Remembered by Matt & Marcia Gettinger In Loving Memory of Esther Moskowitz Sam Moskowitz Dr. William V. Gilbert Ruth Singer Gertrude Edwards Larry Halpern Izzy Singer Lilyan Gilbert Helen Brainsky Leonard Brainsky Steven Brainsky Ben Fidellman

Erna & Fred Burg Sol Furie Hilda & David Mont Mary & Max Ginsburg Remembered by Francine & Phillip Ginsburg In Loving Memory of Hy Glaser Marilyn Glaser Remembered by The Scott Glaser Family The Dale Glaser Family In Loving Memory of Catherine Bofinger Andrew Bofinger Victoria Gold Irving Gold Remembered by Andres, Russ, Celia & Seth Gold

Remembered by Richard & Shirley Gilbert

In Loving Memory of Jeanette Goldberg Harvey Goldberg Emily Klein Arthur Klein Julian Klein

In Loving Memory of Nada and Robert Gildred

Remembered by Jerry, Linda & Matthew Goldberg

Remembered by Lori Gildred, Susie & Jeff Heimler, Nathan Conlan, Stephanie & Danny Heimler In Loving Memory of Blanche Ginsburg Bella & Joseph Mont Norman Ginsburg Rose Furie


In Loving Memory of Edward Lewis Goldberg Frank Winicki Goldie Winicki Blossom Goldberg Rosenbloom Sidney A. Winicki Bella Winicki Pollak Brett Edward Harris Stamos Jean M. Goldberg Joel Alon Nagorner

Daniel Goldberg Elaine Weiss Rosen Remembered by Lee & Frank Goldberg In Loving Memory of Jerry Goldberg Morris Goldberg Helen Starkman Sam Starkman Laura Lil Malkin David Malkin Lou Goldberg Millie Goldberg Remembered by The Goldberg Family In Loving Memory of Jeanette Hyman Goldstein Abraham Allan Goldstein Remembered by Mark & Kris Goldstein, Nicole Goldstein Rich, Emily & Gwendolyn Amelia Howland In Loving Memory of Samuel Fischer Diana Fischer Irene Stern Remembered by Carol & Mort Goodman In Loving Memory of Irving Suknow Jacob Suknow Rebecca Suknow Samuel Gordon Mary Gordon Bessie Abramson Benjamin Abramson Remembered by Lynn & Dick Gordon Fran Suknow

In Loving Memory of Justin Scott Riesenhuber Leslie June Wander Herbert N. Danciger Ruth E. Danciger Gertrude Klein Constance Mercer Remembered by Roanne Danciger Gotthelf In Loving Memory of Robert T. Gould Ruth M. Gould Mary G. Marshall John Marshall Remembered by Steve Gould Mary A. Marshall In Loving Memory of Ben Zoloto Marian Zoloto Morrie Graff Esther Graff Elaynne Rousso Remembered by Bonnie & Barry Graff & Family In Loving Memory of Calvin Green Remembered by George & Betsy Green In Loving Memory of Harry Newman Dr. Larry Greene Remembered by Judy & David Greene

In Loving Memory of Harry Feldman Freda Feldman Risa Faith Greene Sam Greene Belle Greene Remembered by Pat & Beverlee Greene In Loving Memory of Francine Plush David Voss Al and Margie Greene Nathan Bassevitch Sylvia Bassevitch Leon Plush Gertrude Plush Rose Wisler Joseph Wisler Rose Blasko Bernard Blasko Bessie Bassevitch Harry Bassevitch Remembered by Rochelle & Jeremy Greene Bruce, Robert, Karen, Shane & Jonah Plush In Loving Memory of Esther Hayman Michael Hayman Jeanne Gross Sumner Gross Bernie Alter Remembered by Joani & Steve Gross In Loving Memory of Harry Guterman Betty Guterman Ben Guterman Elinor Benjamin E. Burton Benjamin Remembered by Lisa, Danny & Amy Guterman


H In Loving Memory of Norman Hahn Rebecca & Jake Hahn Sol & Ida Lagman Abraham & Molly Herman Albert Lagman Rosalie & Al Cutler Sam & Sylvia Hahn Ruth Raskin Rose Richman Billy Rosen Louis Katz Mace Jabenis Larry Hasslinger Remembered by Diana, Judith & Robert Hahn In Loving Memory of Herman & Sadie Haimsohn Harry & Helen Mittleman Herbert & Charlotte Haimsohn Lewis & Lillian Mendley Marilyn Mendley Kayes Helen Mendley Crever Remembered by Robert & Merrill Haimsohn In Loving Memory of Herman Haimsohn Sadie Haimsohn Herbert Haimsohn Charlotte Haimsohn Minnie Leson Annette Goldstein Isaac Goldstein Reva Broder Jack Broder Remembered by Shirley & Edward Haimsohn

In Loving Memory of Rae Bressner Alfred Bressner Rose Halleck Doris Halleck Morris S. Halleck

Remembered by Richard, Betsy & Laura Haubrich

In Loving Memory of James “Jim” Hickman Remembered by Diane Fischer Hickman Susan Morris Sylvia Geffen

Remembered by Lee Halleck & Shelly Halleck

In Loving Memory of Stanley Foster Abraham Ratner Anne Ratner Craig S. Fox Sandy Ratner

In Loving Memory of Evelyn Hanig Murray Hanig

Remembered by Marcia Hazan

In Loving Memory of Gunther Hirschfeld Yolanda Hirschfeld Dr. Louis Levinson Sam Levinson Bertha Levinson

In Loving Memory of Lillian Hein Bernard Hein David Gerstein Nina Gerstein

Remembered by Tracy & Gary Hirschfeld Loretta Adams & Richard Hirschfeld

Remembered by Pam & Walter Hanig In Loving Memory of Wolfe Harris Minnie Harris Philip Kluger Belle Kluger Irma Wolovsky Gladys Brown Remembered by Ruth & James Harris In Loving Memory of Peter Robert Harvey Jay A. Harvey Benjamin A. Rothstein Naomi E. Rothstein Remembered by Elaine Harvey & Family In Loving Memory of Barbara Haubenstock Remembered by Alan Haubenstock & Family In Loving Memory of Sheila Haubrich Philip Samuels David Cohen

Remembered by Herb Hein & Joanne Hein In Loving Memory of William Samuels Adeline Samuels Irene Kramer Irving Kramer Remembered by David & Stephanie Heisey and the Heisey Family Neil & Linda Kramer and the Kramer Family In Loving Memory of Randi Modell Helsel Irving L. Helsel Essie B. Helsel Clara Simon Helsel Louis B. Modell Gladys B. Modell Remembered by Harvey Helsel

In Loving Memory of Robert Ennis Martha Berkowitz Oscar Berkowitz Dorothy Holleb Sara Holleb Hyman Holleb Ben Fisdel Gittel Fisdel Jack Fisdel Steve Tabor Margarite Nadel Lester Trace Remembered by David & Trudy Holleb In Loving Memory of Samuel Podrup Shirley Podrup Ida Podrup Abraham Podrup Lillian Boraks Benjamin Boraks Remembered by Karen G. Horn Jonathan D. Horn


In Loving Memory of Sidney J. Horwitz Bernys S. Nierman Levin Leonard G. Nierman Remembered by Deborah Horwitz & Paul Nierman In Loving Memory of Galina Briskin Gregory Hyat Lucy Hyat Rosa Reznikov Faina Kviat Selma Kauffman Morris Kauffman Remembered by Lana & Michael Hyat Dustin Skoboloff

I In Loving Memory of Joseph L. Mullen Violet Ilko Remembered by The Ilko Family

J In Loving Memory of Arlene & Herman Berlad Curtis F. Griffin Dr. Nathan Jacobs Viola Griffin Edith Pharr

Barbara Fugatt William Wynne Remembered by Drs. Carolyn & Gary Jacobs In Loving Memory of Gus Jacobs Yetta Jacobs Joyce Jacobs Barry Kleinman Daniel Kleinman Sarah Kleinman Remembered by Joan & Marvin Jacobs & Family In Loving Memory of Florence Baumritter Ted Baumritter Aline Fink Sophie Jacobs Abram Jacobs Irving Jacobs Jean Jacobs Dorothy Holzer Remembered by Sookie & Howard Jacobs In Loving Memory of Samuel G. Janon Grace Bobroff Janon Max Schneider Rose Streve Schneider Lola Becker Esther Bobroff Sylvia Schneider David Raphael Singer Remembered by Edward & Linda Janon & Family In Loving Memory of Milton Jasper Remembered by Thelma & Dennis Jasper

In Loving Memory of Rebekah Barkan Refsin Marvin M. Refsin Marie Gmerk Refsin Remembered by Marilyn Refsin Johns & Family

K In Loving Memory of Harry Kass Elaine Gutstadt Remembered by Jan, Irv, Lisa & Amy Kass In Loving Memory of Marguerite Katleman David Katleman Henry Greenfield Helen Beber Sam Beber Ryan Smith Remembered by Jerry & Marge Katleman & Family In Loving Memory of Leah Katz Joseph Katz Noah Levy Vivien Wingrat Michael Wingrat Donald Wingrat Remembered by Dr. Richard & Berdele Katz & Family

In Loving Memory of Harry Kauderer Anne Kauderer Manuel Weissman Dutchy Weissman Remembered by VADM & Mrs. B.M Kauderer In Loving Memory of William (Bill) Kenton Mel Hayden Ben Hayden Bill Hayden Morton Kleinberg Daniel Kleinberg Lester Kleinberg Nettie Kleinberg Abe L. Levin Lee Levin Emmanuel (Manny) Savitch Nadine Savitch Remembered by Edythe Kenton In Loving Memory of Bernard Kessler Mila Kessler Zasia Kessler Jacob Kessler Esther Moshel Preston Ehmann III Paula Wisner Mailach Wisner Remembered by Zoe Kessler In Loving Memory of Carl Kirsch Molly Kirsch Herman Stern Ethel Stern Remembered by Joy & Jeff Kirsch


In Loving Memory of Martin Klitzner Mae Rosenblatt Bernard Rosenblatt Isabel Klitzner Louis Klitzner Remembered by Terry Klitzner In Loving Memory of Charlotte Funk David K. Funk H. Monte M. Kobey Albert Funk David Funk Richard Funk Remembered by Charlotte Kobey-Morton & Family In Loving Memory of Monte Kobey Remembered by Kara, Esra & Eren In Loving Memory of Beverly Koenigsberg Blossom Koenigsberg William Koenigsberg Remembered by Alan Koenigsberg In Loving Memory of Benjamin Kolkey Anna S. Kolkey Shirley A. Kolkey Aaron H. Kolkey Josephine Vetter Remembered By Robert J. Kolkey

In Loving Memory of Sidney Goren Lorraine Korobkin Hy Korobkin Remembered by Marsha & Al Korobkin In Loving Memory of Milton Kramer Max Weintraub Rose Poller Remembered by Helen Kramer In Loving Memory of Glenn Karel Leonore Karel Anna Karel Tobias Karel Bernard Karel Reva Kramer Ralph Kramer Julius Kramer Raul Block M. Lawrence Block Jerry Maxick Remembered by Victor & Joan Kramer In Loving Memory of Jeannette Rieger Louis Rieger Esther Krasny William Krasny Remembered by Marcia, Jerrold, Allyson Krasny Lauren & Justin Levy In Loving Memory of Lena Krause Paul Krause Molly Kirstein Nathan Kirstein

Remembered by Sallye & Larry Krause In Loving Memory of Marilyn Kretzer Eleanor and Herman Kretzer Belle and Sam Nelson Saul and Bella Lipnitsky Remembered by Mark Rubenshtein & Jessica Kretzer In Loving Memory of Alex Charnow Harry Charnow Fanny Charnow Jeanette Kurnow Lorraine Kurnow Remembered by Ava & Michael Kurnow In Loving Memory of John Bayle Sandra Fairman Helen Bayle Merle Bayle Morris Kutner Esther Kutner Sally Levine Carol L. Bayle Seth Hendler Germaine Gleason Lee Henley Earl Bayle Mary Bayle Charles Bayle Gladys Bayle Louise Bayle Samuel Gross Morris Chizik Frances Zelick Ruth Landau Remembered by Leon & Joan Kutner

L In Loving Memory of Marne Humbert Remembered by Roger Lamson & Susan Lamson In Loving Memory of Herman Choy Marilyn Choy Stanley Lane Al Hyman Anna Hyman Rose Lane Robert C. Smith Remembered by Marcia & Brandon Lane Vanessa Collins, Don Smith In Loving Memory of Joseph Zweig Elsie Zweig Virginia Lary Remembered by Sandra Z. Lary & Lyn Lary Their Children In Loving Memory of Harold Lasher Dee Lasher Louis Lasher Lillian Lasher Lana Lasher Mathieu Levy Bertha Levy Jeanne Levy Place David Levy Stephen Levy Herman Horn Hyman O’Grodnick Remembered by Lynn Lasher


In Loving Memory of Jenny Burnett Reatha Burnett William Burnett George Burnett Remembered by Barbara Lauer

In Loving Memory of Benjamin J. Layton Eva & James Irving Belle & Bernard Jacobson Ida Kuroski Morris Lebovits Shirley & John Bloomenthal Anna & Harry Lipshitz Rose & Joseph Padgug Yetta & Jacob Glickman Carol Poole Doris Glickman Meyer Glickman Herb Willis Ricardo Martinez Remembered by Robin, Jonathan, Rachel & Garrett Layton In Loving Memory of Mendall & Hazel (Godinski) Benjamin Arthur & Vera (Fox) Goding Bertha Goding Ira Goding James & Rose (Yoffe) Goding Josiah & Mary (Cohen) Goding Theodore & Minnie (Lowenbraun) Goding Abraham & Rachel (Schatz) Godinski Hyman & Dora (Robinson) Godinski Albert & Ada (Godinski) Hurwitz Joshua Hurwitz Jacob & Blanche

(Lazerowitz) Kammen Benjamin & Bertha (Palley) Kimmelman Dorothy Kimmelman Joshua & Edith Mary (Yesilevich) Kimmelman Joshua & Florence (Hirschhorn) Kimmelman Sol & L. Katherine (Coff) Kimmelman Abraham & Ida (Sachs) Lazerow David & Hessie (Light) Lazerow Julius & Beatrice (Kimmelman) Lazerow Samuel & Sylvia (Sugar) Lazerow Sol & Rose (Raffel) Lazerow Solomon & Rose (Duebrow) Palley Max & Etta (Godinski) Sandberg Samuel & Rebecca (Zagerman) Yoffe Remembered by Bert & Jane Lazerow In Loving Memory of Bertie Leeds Fred Leeds Craig Fox Evelyn Fox Norman Fox Tillie Adams Stephanie Strauss Remembered by The Leeds Family In Loving Memory of Raymond E. Lesser, M.D. Ralph H. Mark Morry Levy Pepi Levy Milton A. Lesser Ruth Lesser Remembered by Lainie Lesser-Mark

In Loving Memory of Harry “Babe” Levin Ruth Levin Freda Levine Isadore Levine Fritzi Slate Samuel Slate Barbara Slate Dana Slate

In Loving Memory of Alfred S. Levine Irene Levine Lionel Saul Edythe Saul

In Loving Memory of Harry Levy Rebecca Levy Lillian Schoenberger Mervin Schoenberger

Remembered by Peter & Linda Levine

Remembered by Carol & Ralph Levy

Remembered by Heidi & Steve Levin & Family

In Loving Memory of Harvey Levine Sam Levine Irene Levine Ida Sklar Louis Sklar

In Loving Memory of Morton Liebert Ruby Liebert Sara Liebert Milton Glickstein Sarah Richard Julius Richard

In Loving Memory of Elmer D. Levin Jeanette Seidenman Meyer Mortimer Washington Meyer Mortimer Washington Meyer Jr. Susan and Barnard Levin David Warren Abbott Remembered by Jane M. Levin Family Ruth Ann Abbott & Family In Loving Memory of Richard Levin Ronnie Levin Edward Levin Nellie Davidson Fred Davidson Sol Vinstein Remembered By Susan Levin & Family In Loving Memory of Dr. Emanuel Levine Miriam Oppenheim Dunn Anne Estar Dunn Hyman Dunn Sadie Friedman Louisa D. Levine Remembered by Charles, Leslie, Aran Tavakoli & David Levine

Remembered by Shelly Levine Steve, Audrey, Samantha & Evan Levine In Loving Memory of Meyer Levinson Ethel Levinson David Schissell Mandell Weiss Sally Schissell Lori Ann Bolotin Remembered by Arthur & Sandra Levinson In Loving Memory of Lee I. Levy Evalyn Gerber Isaac Levy Elizabeth Levy Esther Gerber Stanley Cohen Syrel Kohn Meyer Kohn Victor Hasson Dr. Warren E. Gerber Lila Hasson Remembered by Bonnie Levy & Family


Remembered by Lorraine Liebert Sheri Liebert & Michael Glickstein In Loving Memory of Bruce Manning Julia Axelrad William Axelrad Milton Manning Isabel Manning Joseph Manning Audrey Martin Anne Lightman Remembered by Sandra & Leonard Lightman In Loving Memory of Laurie Lubick, Daughter Lillian Lubick, Mother Samuel Lubick, Father Nathan Kaden Remembered by Marsha & Herb Lubick

In Loving Memory of Sharon Robinson Winkelman D. Joann Lyons Remembered by Scott, Leslye, Kevin, & Russell Lyons

M In Loving Memory of Bertha Rabens Bernard L. Malkus Gertrude S. Malkus Marian Malkus Harvey Rutman David Rabens Sophie Clayman Remembered by Jim & Gail Malkus & Family In Loving Memory of Harry Mallen Oscar Stein Irene Stein Kevin Slaughter Esther Fisher Karen Mallen Willard Fisher Remembered by Mrs. Lillian Mallen In Loving Memory of Bertram B. Leopold Remembered by Meg & Jess Mandel In Loving Memory of Helen Marsh Samuel Marsh

Nancy Kenny Vincent Kenny Remembered by The Marsh Family David, Kathy, Rob, Allison, Melissa & Elizabeth In Loving Memory of Eric Matzner Louis Matzner Ernest & Lili Matzner Marina Matzner Harry & Sarah Goldberg Gertrude Dworkin Irv Goldberg Remembered by Janet Matzner Robert Matzner In Loving Memory of Michael Mazurek Remembered by Lisa, Adam, Dylan & Spencer Mazurek In Loving Memory of Seymour Melcer Adolph Melcer Minnie Melcer Robert Tuggey James Tuggey Shirley Tuggey Teddy Weber Sadie Weber Harry Stead Myra Stead Remembered by Scott, Damian, Samuel, Harris & Dorothy Melcer Carol Tuggey Tina & Simone Ellis

In Loving Memory of Rose Durbin Meltzer Alexander Diakiw Molly Salky Remembered by Hal Meltzer & Adriana Diakiw In Loving Memory of Paul Merel Frieda Merel Louis Deutsch Caroline Deutsch Frances Merel Jeanne Merel Lily Liu Nina Morse Frances Merel Remembered by Cantor Sheldon & Marcie Merel In Loving Memory of David Meyer Gabriel Meyer Libby Meyer Sandra Meyer Gershovitz Dr. Ralph B. Woolf Esther W. Woolf Remembered by Paul, Maggie, Gabe & Rebecca Meyer Debbie Smyth In Loving Memory of Ethelind Davies Lowell Davies Thomas Davies Bella Krasnick Max Krasnick Evelyn Hahn Milch Sidney Milch John G. Davies Remembered by Estelle & James Milch


In Loving Memory of Milton Mink Marcia Pellman Ruben Louis Ruben Rose Mink Abraham Mink Hubert Cole Remembered by Arlene Mink In Loving Memory of Anne Minteer Bruce Minteer Sophie Jacobs Theodore Baumritter Florence Baumritter Remembered by The Minteer Family In Loving Memory of Theodore Cantor Louis Koppleman Rose Koppelman Bella Mishuck Isadore Mishuck Dr. Eli Mishuck Remembered by Evelyn Mishuck and Family In Loving Memory of Minnie and Abe Rosenbaum Gerald Rosenbaum Ida Marcus Gussie and Joseph Rosenbaum Teresa and Roland Musante Remembered by Janis, Raymond and Marcus Musante

N In Loving Memory of Joel Alon Nagorner Edward Goldberg Jean Goldberg Frank Winicki Goldie Winicki Sidney Winicki Blossom Goldberg Rosenbloom Bret Stamos Issac Nagorner Esther Nagorner Isadore Lipsey Sadie Lipsey Shirley Nagorner Rita Nagorner David Burns Andrea Burns Bari Burns Marvin Pomerantz Remembered by Anne, Matthew, Evan Nagorner In Loving Memory of Sidney Moshe Baba Gladys Baba Albert G. Nalven Remembered by Sally, Joseph, Cammy, Marlo & Zachary Nalven In Loving Memory of Lillian Rachele Sebeo Fiss Remembered by Carla Nasoff In Loving Memory of Morris Nevin Nettie Nevin Daniel H. Gardner

Vina Gardner Keaton Marcia Nevin Lawrence Remembered by Alan & Nancy Nevin & Family In Loving Memory of Marlene Newell Nathan Newell Martha Newell Stephanie Ann Sussman Florence Sigal Arthur Herman Cecile Benjamin Leo Herman Gussie Herman Lillian Smulowitz Remembered by Ron Newell In Loving Memory of Sibley Newman Audrey Newman Remembered by Their Daughters Nancy, Margy & Sally In Loving Memory of Susy Norten Remembered by Miriam Norten In Loving Memory of Israel Nourok Sophie “Sonia” Nourok Thornton Boyce Gracie Boyce Patsy Nourok Samuel Nourok Lillie Lewin Remembered by David & Marlene Nourok

O In Loving Memory of Kenneth Miller Marcia Miller Sidney Odelson Remembered by Shelley, Dave, Beda, & Annie Odelson Sylvia, Robert, Susan & Goeff Odelson In Loving Memory of Seymour Okmin David Roller Sylvia Roller Harry Roller Sophie Roller Herbert Roller Edward Avram Roller Lillian Roller Joseph Elfield Dora Elfield Ruth Elfield Irving Elfield Gary Elfield Steven Abend Remembered by Linda & Larry Okmin & Family In Loving Memory of Joan Ossip Kenneth Ossip Fannie Ossip Harry Ossp Anne Lindauer Harry Lindauer Ray Freedman Jay Kramer Remembered by The Ossip Family


In Loving Memory of Bernard Holden Eugene Holden Linda Holden Shirley Holden Jeane Jones Saidee Kahn Albert Newald Blanche Oster Evelyn Oster Leonard Oster Remembered by Larry & Andrea Oster

P In Loving Memory of Sharon Schwartz Jerry Elsen Sol Durchslag Miriam Gelfand Irving Gelfand Robert Parson Marilyn Parson Remembered by Robert & Maureen Parson In Loving Memory of Rubin Perlman Helene Livingston Dr. Saul F. Livingston Miriam Perlman Remembered by Patricia and Richard Perlman & Family In Loving Memory of Marci Ann Platt Ann Shultz

Herbert Shultz Anne Platt Raymond Platt Delmer Platt Hubert G. Wolff Geraldine Wolff Remembered by Shearn & Linda Platt In Loving Memory of Sheila & Hughes Potiker Claire & Irving Scher Esther & Morris Jacobowitz Ann & Harry Millman Dorothy & Albert Potiker Remembered by Julie & Lowell Potiker Ruth & Paul Jacobowitz In Loving Memory of Rosalie Fisher Remembered by Steve, Alison,Abby & Rachel In Loving Memory of Margaret Greenbaum James L. Greenbaum Marc Greenbaum Marian Preisman Louis Preisman Remembered by Dr. Robert & Fran Preisman In Loving Memory of Louis Press Joseph Press Lillian Press Remembered by Thelma Press & Family


In Loving Memory of Amy Dworkin

In Loving Memory of Carlos J. Garcia

In Loving Memory of Janice Rabin Seymour Rabin Max Rabinowitz Mollie Rabinowitz Sidonia Stitzel Louis Stitzel David W. Cohen

Remembered by Jill Reich & Howard Dworkin

Remembered by Alicia Rodriguez

In Loving Memory of Alexander Remish

Remembered by Adele Rabin & Stephen Cohen In Loving memory of James B. Rabinovitz Dorothy Morris Sinsheimer Rowena Levin Kerzner Remembered by Jane & Mark Rabinovitz In Loving Memory of Dr. Milton Lerner Dr. Paul Lerner Ruth Lerner Yurman Abraham Lerner Dora Lerner Col. Norman I. Radin Irving Radin Hannah Radin Victor Radin Remembered by Harriet Radin & Family In Loving Memory of Freda Cooper Parker Benjamin Reuben Parker Faye Ratner S. Dudley Ratner Remembered by Norman & Barbara Parker Ratner Hilary and Bethany

Remembered by Steve, Nancy, Nicole, Michael, Lauren & Matthew Remish In Loving Memory of Harriet Turberg Emanuel Turberg Betty Marks Marty Marks Remembered by Suzi Resnik & Stan Marks In Loving Memory of Aenne-Ruth & Arthur Kahn Mildred & Gilbert Rich Alfred N. Rich Remembered by Vivian J. Rich The Livingstone Family The Rich Family In Loving Memory of Arthur Evans Lillian Evans Richard Evans Sidney Riesner Josephine Riesner Barry Riesner Remembered by Flossie & Tony Riesner

In Loving Memory of Alexander Jaffee Sarah Dakof Max Dakof Henry Eisner Rose Eisner Maurice Dakof Lillian Dworett Irving Rosen Evelyn Jaffee Jean Rosen Richard Jaffee Harold Sokol Dolores Marshall Remembered by Arlene & Gerald Rosen and Family In Loving Memory of Judith Ann Rosenberg Ruth Rosenberg Seymour Rosenberg, MD Lee Rosenberg Matus Okun Gregory Zubarevsky Abram Zusmanovskaya Maria Zusmanovskaya Remembered by Dr. Jay & Rimma Rosenberg In Loving Memory of Dr. Mayer E. Ross Ida Schlacter Rudolph Schlacter Isadore Schlacter Ann Kritzik Ceil Joseph Remembered by Lillian Ross


In Loving Memory of Rae Rozansky Isadore Rozansky Dorothy Leeds David Leeds Paul L. Leeds Ann Rozansky Remembered by Dr. Norman & Barbara Rozansky & Family In Loving Memory of Jacques Schaffer Ida Schaffer Dorothy Rubenfeld Samuel Rubenfeld Remembered by Bill & Cookie Rubenfeld In Loving Memory of Joseph G. Rubenson Remembered by Marjorie Rubenson & Family In Loving Memory of Nathan Rudick Sarah Rudick Martin Stolzoff Remembered by Allan Rudick Barbara Stolzoff

S In Loving Memory of Herta de Vries Hermann de Vries Luis Salomon Hella Salomon Aenni Merfield

Joseph P. Merfield Ricardo Ruben Salomon Remembered by Brigitte & Gerrard Salomon In Loving Memory of Hyman Lampert Dora Lampert Larry Lampert Maurice Samiljan Sarah Selikowitz Joseph Samiljan Melvin Lubow Morris Selikowitz Remembered by Edward & Rae Samiljan In Loving Memory of Richard M. Sampson Jeffrey M. Sampson Randy K. Sampson Remembered by Jerry & Lynn Sampson & Family In Loving Memory of Edward Satz Lilyan Satz Sandra Satz Remembered by Leslie, Maya & Avinash Satz In Loving Memory of Daniel Gabaeff Shirley Gabaeff Esther Lampert Vernon Petler Lillian Petler Linda Binder Joseph Savarese Elizabeth Savarese Remembered by Randy Savarese & Chuck Petler

In Loving Memory of Sam Scharaga Beatrice Wiener Dr. Samuel Wiener Artie Wayne Rose Resnick Ida Kellman Remembered by Hermeen Scharaga & The Scharaga Family In Loving Memory of Thomas Santore Mildred Santore Edith Scher Abraham Scher Anne Lieberwitz Catherine Zangas Thomas Zangas Remembered by The Scher Family In Loving Memory of Pearl Self Allen Nathan Cohen Alec Cohen Blanche B. Cohen Douglas Cohen William Cohen Rachael Brown Samuel Brown Rachael Cohen Sadie (Tuttie) Gruskin Birdie Kramer Sarah Spelker Edward J. Brown Samuel Cohen Jacob Brown Nona Cohen Bertha Moosios Sarah Spelker Lawrence Adams Cohen Selma Arlene (Cohen) Schiller Roland Leon Schiller Remembered by Alec Schiller


In Loving Memory of Joseph Ruskin Ely Schlafman Betty Schlafman Sarah Shur Nathan Shur Edward Chaimson Hilda Chaimson Remembered by David & Helene Schlafman In Loving Memory of Moses Blum Family Eugene Gorski Goldwasser Family Ernest Schoen Bianca Schoen Remembered by Sonia Schoen Ann Gorski In Loving Memory of Evelyn Giventer Vivian Greenspan Harry Greenspan Albert Schulman Remembered by Linda Schulman & James Greenspan In Loving Memory of Howard Kurtz Jack Kurtz Gertrude Kurtz Robert Schwartz Remembered by Cindy & Wayne Schwartz and Family In Loving Memory of Sondra Dembo Rosalye Dembo

Lillian Nathan Benjamin W. Nathan George C. Nathan Judge Edward J. Schwartz Mary Schwartz Samuel Schwartz

In Loving Memory of Joseph Shere Sylvia Shere Mae Passin Frank Passin

Remembered by Gertrude Schwartz

Remembered by Norman Shere Sheila Passin Swall

In Loving Memory of Harilynn (Cookie) Serwin Harry Serwin Dorothy Serwin Walter Kaplan Leona Kaplan Sol Zwerling Ian Zwerling

In Loving Memory of Dr. Morris Hyman, M.D. Anita E. Hyman Kay E. O’Dell Nellie Emmerich Richard H. Darsky James N. Shmalo Prina Dror

Remembered by Dr. and Mrs. Richard Serwin & Andrew Serwin Family

Remembered by Susan H. Shmalo

In Loving Memory of Sandford Gibberman Abby Gibberman Leslie Burke Henry Shanken Remembered by Randi & Stuart Shanken In Loving Memory of Harry R. Friedman Dora Esther Friedman Massing Abraham Shelley Dora Sachs Shelley Gertrude Shelley Thaler Linda Thaler Neiman Mildred Shelley Fraider Corrie Grudin Remembered by Myron & Naomi Shelley

In Loving Memory of Richard C. Ruhman Ruth Ruhman Remembered by Sholan Family In Loving Memory of Victor H. Shulman Cedric M. Zweig Lillian & Walter Wacke Shirley & James Walter Remembered by Elaine Zweig Shulman, Larry & Dee Zweig, Susan & Dana Marks In Loving Memory of Joseph M. Silverman Sarah Silverman Jack Shumacher Rae Shumacher

Dr. Norman Rubin Carolyn Rubin Dr. Philip Sheinberg Remembered by Harriet & Alan Shumacher In Loving Memory of Sylvan Siegler Ruth Schwartz Maurice Seliger Marvin Schwartz Anne Singer Paul Killigrew John Bunton Remembered by Elizabeth, Mitch, Jacob & Rebecca Siegler In Loving Memory of Craig Silberman Remembered by Silberman, Foster, Tomasello & Golding Families In Loving Memory of Joan Moorhead Lewis William P. Moorhead Marc D. Silverman Edith C. Silverman Beverly L. Silverman Remembered by Jerry & Beth Silverman In Loving Memory of Abram Price Elsie Price Alfred Blumberg Remembered by Janet Price Silverstein


In Loving Memory of Edward A. Silverstein Solomon Bensman Leah Z. Bensman Julius Silverstein Diana Silverstein Elias Silverstein Remembered by Sandra, David, Judith & Lisa Silverstein In Loving Memory of Aaron Joshua Simmons Genevieve Simmons Murray Simmons Harry Altman Margaret Altman Jack Simmons Jennie Simmons Stanley Altman Ben & Gertrude Herzoff Shari L. Herzoff John Gerdis Harry Gresham Jones Goldie Viola Martin Irvin Strauss Marty Rohrlich Remembered by Stuart, Debbie & Emily Simmons In Loving Memory of Lillian Simons Jack Simons Barney Simons Herman Simons Remembered by Fred Simons In Loving Memory of Samuel N. Stone Sally E. Stone Irving R. Stone Rosanne Stone Leonard & Cecelia Ehrlich

Linda D. Santiago-Stone Mike & Rose Lieberman Ephraim & Anne Morris David & Goldie Ehrlich Samuel & Gussie Stone Remembered by Heather, Jayson, Celia & Millie Smith Gavin & Irina Stone Robert Morris In Loving Memory of David & Mildred Eden Pauline & Ernie Plapinger Isabel & Mac “Teity” Turner Lois & Sy Serota Stephen Koski & Wendy Eden-Koski Irene & Meyer Silverstein Harvey Silverstein Remembered by Heather, Jayson, Celia & Millie Smith Susan & Ronald Silverstein In Loving Memory of Elene Solomon Lewis Solomon Raychel Solomon Herbert Gordon Mary Gordon David Horowitz Remembered by Herbert Solomon In Loving Memory of Ideal & David Stotsky Tillie & Louie Adams Sophie & Charlie Stotsky Barney & Sylvia Soloway Craig Fox Evelyn & Norman Fox

Sam Siraton Gene Gordon Remembered by Trinka, Howard, David, Brian & Amy Soloway In Loving Memory of Leon Spector Eleanor Cooper Mervin Cooper Remembered by Dale & Jerry Spector and Family In Loving Memory of Irvin Franks Louis Spector Betty Spector Judy Goldblatt Remembered by Penny & Sidney Spector In Loving Memory of Elaine Springer Jack & Rose Springer George & Helen Goodman Remembered by Alan Springer In Loving Memory of Louis Cohn Ida Cohn Irving Melnik William Starr Marvin Krichman Oskar Sokol Remembered by Francy Starr

In Loving Memory of Michael Sykes Laura Deroy Milton Straus Mickey Straus Betty Hilsdorf Stanley Stein Remembered by Marge, Marc, Sarah, Michael & Sophie Stein In Loving Memory of David Steinberg Clarice Steinberg Ben Buchler Sarah Buchler Amelia Steinberg Remembered by Bruce Steinberg Mark Steinberg In Loving Memory of Albert & LaVerne Stern Joseph & Sadie Stern Nathan Ginsburg Louis Fischer Edward & Selma Goldberg Edward & Elizabeth Stern David Stern Remembered by Martin Stern In Loving Memory of Mary & Harry Rabiner Ruth Fried Marlys Marion Dorothy Dimond Remembered by Mickey Stern In Loving Memory of Benjamin Isaac Stiegler Rose L. Stiegler


William Taffel Beatrice G. Taffel Remembered by Mayo & Sheree Stiegler In Loving Memory of Ruth S. Bloom A. Sam Bloom Dora Sobel Phil Sobel Remembered by Natalie Stolper & Family In Loving Memory of Ideal Stotsky David Stotsky Charles Stotsky Sophie Stotsky Louis Adams Tillie Adams Hilda Sugarman Harry B. Sugarman Sam Siraton Craig Fox Remembered by Michael S. Stotsky M.D. In Loving Memory of Eileen Stovin James J. Stovin Mabel & Joseph Stovin Lottie & Louis Siegel Remembered by Peter Stovin & family In Loving Memory of Stefanie Dawn Strauss Berti Leeds Fred S. Leeds Bert M. Strauss Dorothy B. Strauss Lawrence Strauss Milton Leeds Helen Leeds

Remembered by Matthew & Iris Strauss and Family In Loving Memory of Samuel Streichler Solomon Fineman Mirel Streichler Eileen Strickler Dr. J. Robert Fineman Miriam Fineman Abraham Fineman Phyllis Suchman Isidore Streichler Anita Fineman Remembered by Rosalind & Jerry Streichler and Family In Loving Memory of Alex Szekely Remembered by Deborah Szekely

T In Loving Memory of Deborah Somers Remembered by Beth, Ron, Kelton and Cohl Tabor In Loving Memory of Marlyn Gillman Remembered by Julie & Celia Tedde In Loving Memory of Rae Rozansky Isadore Rozansky Ann Rozansky

Louis Temkin Lee Temkin Robyn Temkin Blair Temkin Sherwood Temkin Remembered by Leah & Bob Temkin In Loving Memory of Selma Tennebaum Lena Abo Ralph Abo Harry Tennebaum Isabelle Tennebaum Gloria Gelfond Remembered by I. Harry Tennebaum In Loving Memory of Harry Demsey Nathan Feinberg Bella Demsey Feinberg Barbara Hurwitz Yvonne Penn Remembered by Sharon Thomas In Loving Memory of Harriet Tash Ruth Landau Nomi Levy Toby Cohen Frank Gordon Remembered by Barbara Thompson In Loving Memory of Cecil Schekman Samuel Schekman Delos Trimble Thelma Trimble Carol Diane Williams

Peter Zide Sylvia Zide Susan Lynn Pincus Remembered by Maxine & Gerald Trimble and Family

U In Loving Memory of Maxine Slesinger William Slesinger Bettye Ulevitch Irwin Ulevitch Remembered by Susan & Richard Ulevitch

V In Loving Memory of Irving Vorensky Max Vorensky Mildred Vorensky Mr. & Mrs. Vorensky Byron Vorensky Max Rosensweig Ida Rosensweig Rose Rosensweig Larry Linzer Ruth Linzer Morris Linzer Aunt Minnie Uncle Max Remembered by Joel Vorensky


W In Loving Memory of Jody Lee Weber Joseph Kramer Lillian Kramer Robinson David Robinson Irving and Anne Strub Remembered by Carol Weber-Strub & Dr. Daniel Strub In Loving Memory of Alvin Cohen Elizabeth Cohen Isador Weinbaum Judith Weinbaum Ellen Weinbaum Remembered by Ann & Ben Weinbaum In Loving Memory of Gail Gross Fay Gross Sol Gross Harry Gross Leon Gross Helen Gross Meyer Weiner Hilda Weiner Gayle Weiner Remembered by Edward & Susan Weiner In Loving Memory of Anna Ash Samuel Ash Seymour Ash Miriam Weiner Benjamin Weiner Francis Weiner Ralph Weiner

Ira Weiner Harvey Weiner Remembered by Lillian & Irving Weiner In Loving Memory of Philip Weinstein Morris Feinholtz Arlyn Vincent Frances Weinstein Etta Feinholtz Shirley Friedman

In Loving Memory of Michael Hinden Hana Hinden Leigh Kawa Whinston Helen Kawa Seiffer Selig Whinston Remembered by Robin & Eric Whinston In Loving Memory of Arthur Burgess

Remembered by Sheldon & Sandra Weinstein

Remembered by Allyson Williams & Earl Williams

In Loving Memory of David Besden Tillie Besden Belle Miller Howard Miller Louis Weiss Betsy Weiss Belle Kaufman Ida Miller Harry Miller Milton W. Weiss Leonard Miller

In Loving Memory of Francis Jay Winheld Marika Ruth Winheld Dr. Morton E. Winheld Regina G. Winheld Florence O. Blum Sylvia T. Winheld Armand L. Winheld Samuel L. Gerson Edward B. Winheld Herman Blum

Remembered by Joanie & Ken Weiss and Family In Loving Memory of Eli Welt Richard Welt David Welt Rose Welt Jessica Doctors Joseph Fox Morris Meyers Pauline Talmadge Remembered by Doris Welt

Remembered by Louise Winheld In Loving Memory of Bruce O. Witte Sidney J. Pearlman Rose Adler Pearlman Janet A. Silverman Henry Witte Ella Witte Remembered by Caryl Lees Witte Mimi Pearlman Lee In Loving Memory of Alex Jacob Wurtz Abraham Golokow

Pearl Golokow Dora Tishkoff Jacob Tishkoff William Rose Remembered by Gail, Joel & Hank Wurtz and David Rose

Y In Loving Memory of Bella Dukhovny Gregory Yekhilevsky Tuba Yampolsky Leon Givant Sonya Givant Benjamin Givant Sergei Rozinov Alla Givant Remembered by The Yekhilevsky Family

Z In Loving Memory of Dorothea Zechter Sarah Zechtzer Hyman Zechtzer Gersch Schwartz Rose Schwartz Judith S. Rice Remembered by Nate Zechter In Loving Memory of Dr. Maurice J. Zemlick Rose Zemlick Joseph Zemlick Fannie Crane


Max Crane Charlotte Crane Mainzer Leo Mainzer Remembered by Lucille Crane Zemlick In Loving Memory of Sarah Bacow Max Zides Esther Zides Remembered by Gail & Dan Zides In Loving Memory of Saul Ziering Ida Ziering Edward Ziering Milton Krizer Lawrence Krizer Remembered by Robert, Barbara, Sarah & Emily Ziering In Loving Memory of Sidney Rubin William Rubin Charles Ziman Helen Ann Ziman William Burnett William Paul Lena Rasky Norman Paul Becky Victor Paul Remembered by Helene & Allan Ziman